Discover Why Your Dream Is In Your DNA

Find Out How Your Vision Helps You Succeed

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Find out why your vision is actually the biggest determining factor in whether or not you succeed in life.  Part of your vision has been in your spirit since the day you were born. 

    • You will learn to develop key habits and behaviors of high achievers

    • You will learn what is holding you back and how you can fix it right now

    • You will learn more about achieving your desired objectives

    • You will learn the simple 3 step system Peak Performers use to adopt new habits

    • You will learn how to effectively set and achieve goals


To tap into the part of you that knows how to succeed at what you are designed for will take work, but will be the most exhilarating thing you have ever done.  Take yourself and your vision to a whole new level.

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Donovan Dock

Donovan is a keynote speaker & continues to coach executives, leaders, and young people. His heart is to provide solutions that empower and encourage growth.

This Program Changed My Life

I immediately started feeling better when I started the visualizing my dreams and on a regular basis and spending the time necessary to achieve the results in life I really wanted.  The program helped me to determine what I really wanted and showed me the path to get there.

Carlos Ponciano